Panya Indra Golf Club in Bangkok is currently undertaking an exciting and pioneering renovation programme, replacing its 10-year old Bermuda TifDwarf greens with the much-acclaimed SeaIsle 2000, a certified licenced Seashore Paspalum grass especially created for tees and greens.

SeaIsle 2000 was developed by plant geneticist Dr. R.R. Duncan at the University of Georgia 's Griffin Experiment Station. Regular verti-cutting, light top-dressing and periodic rolling will deliver stimpmeter readings of between 9-10 feet. It is a grass that thrives on salt and poor quality water. As drinking water becomes more scarce, ocean water and these other low-quality alternative sources are going to be the only option for many golf courses.

Upgrading to superior turf technology - new generation SeaIsle 2000 provides a better quality putting surface with richer colour than the old Bermuda Tifdwarf.


While SeaIsle 2000 will require golf course superintendents to alter some of their management practices, it will pay back dividends in reduced fertilizer, herbicide and recycled water costs.

SeaIsle 2000 has received much acclaim in research trials in the USA for its disease resistance, turf quality, turf density, turf strength, playability, and rapid recovery from normal wear and tear. Its rich dark green colour also makes for a highly aesthetic appearance to the golf course.

‘We have decided on SeaIsle 2000 because we are confident that this turf will provide superior putting surfaces for our members and visitors, especially during Thailand's monsoon season when Bermuda grass really suffers', said Chaiyanan Sungklom, Superintendent of Panya Indra Golf Club.

SeaIsle 2000 is exclusively licenced and distributed in Thailand and SE Asia by Quality Golf International Products Co. Ltd.

‘SeaIsle 2000 is a state-of-the-art greens grass that will set a new industry standard for Thailand', said Quality Golf.


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