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QGI offers a wide range of essential and innovative products and services to the golf industry both in Thailand and across Southeast Asia through official sub-license arrangements and business partnerships with leading industry suppliers

• Turf grass
QGI has an official sub-licence from University of Georgia Research Foundation (UGRAF), USA to grow and distribute two patented turfgrass varieties, namely TifEagle and SeaIsle 2000, in Southeast Asia.

TifEagle is the third generation of bermudagrass and is specifically for golf course greens whereas SeaIsle 2000 is a seashore paspalum (Paspalum Vaginatum) variety that offers both a greens and ‘wall-to-wall’ (i.e. throughout the golf course) planting solution. Both varieties are patented by the Georgia Seed Development Commission and The University of Georgia in USA. Most significantly, they are certified by the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Programme (ITGAP), ensuring their genetic purity and guaranteeing premium quality and peace of mind to golf course owners.

QGI also grows and sells its own non-patented turfgrass variety, called QGI Seashore Paspalum, which has been developed for use in high-salinity soils and irrigation waters and gives a highly attractive appearance throughout the year, with a wide range of adaptation and ease of establishment in warm climates. It is a lush, aggressive, low-growing turfgrass whose leaf texture is similar to Tifway 419 hybrid bermudagrass and, with optimum management practices, becomes fine enough to be used even for putting surfaces.
SeaIsle 2000
QGI Seashore Paspalum
• Slow release fertilizers

QGI has an exclusive distributorship arrangement in Thailand with Lebanon Turf Products Inc., USA, to distribute slow-release nitrogen fertilizers for greens, under the Country Club brand, and tees, fairways and roughs, under the NX-PRO brand. The range offered includes 4 formulas of Country Club each with different ratios of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) and one formula of NX-PRO.

The products uniqueness composite technology, comprising of Methylene Urea (MU), which provide the highest amount of Water Insoluble Nitrogen (WIN) available in the Thai market, providing more consistent and longer lasting release patterns which, in turn, translate to improved plant health and annual cost savings for customers .

Country Club 24-0-10
Country Club 18-3-18
Country Club 12-0-18
Country Club 10-18-18
NX-PRO 29-0-10
• Turf Essence Water Soluble Fertilizers

Turf Essence is designed  as a Water Soluble fertilizer, specially for Green, offering total nutrient feed for light but frequent applications, Once dissolved it requires no further agitation.

Turf Essence is 100% soluble and do not has clog problem. Results are immediate and predictable. Formulas are blended in Thailand and packaged in 25 kgs.

This product is 30% lower in cost than Granular fertilizers and is positioned for the middle and lower segments of the market.

• Chemical
QGI offers a wide range of insecticides, fungicides, herbicide, trace element formulas and a foliar fertilizer, all specially formulated for golf course application.
- Udi
• Biochemical

QGI distributes the most environmentally friendly fertilizer alternative available in the Thai market, called ‘Nature's Friend’, providing customers with a non-toxic golf course. The product range covers organic fertilizers and microbial agents, and also fungicides and insecticides.

• Soil Amendment
Through a partnership with Agronomic Systems Design Inc., USA, QGI manages the sales and distribution of a revolutionary porous ceramics material, called PermO2Pore, across Southeast Asia.

PermO2Pore is a Porous Ceramic Material made from a naturally occurring combination of Montmorillinite Clay and Amorphous Silica which is fired twice at computer-regulated high temperatures to produce a very stable, permanent and highly porous collection of Ceramic Granules which are screened to meet closely monitored Particle Size Specifications.
is a tool engineered specifically for use by the Professional Turfgrass Manager to manipulate and improve the physical characteristics of soils and sand-based root zones typically found in intensively maintained turfgrass habitats such as greens, tees, fairway capping and other high use areas of golf courses as well as other grassed sporting fields.

QGI also distributes Calrite Calcium in Thailand. Calrite contains the highest percentage of Calcium (38%) that is vital both to ensure strong cell wall structure and nitrogen metabolism in turfgrass and enhanced structure, with increased nutrient availability and microbial activity, in the soil.
Calrite calcium
Gypsum G
Calcitic Lime
PermO2 Pore
• Turf enhancers

Through arrangements with Parkway Research Corporation, Aqua-Aid Inc. and PBI Gordon Corporation, all from USA, QGI distributes lake and divot colorants, spray paint indicators, wetting agents, microbial agents and micronutrients.

Big foot
Mean & green xd
Blue lagoon
Aqua maxx pellet
Aquifer liquid
Ferrit mag
• Accessories

Through an arrangement with Precision Small Engine Co. Inc., USA, QGI distributes a host of high quality accessories such as tee markers, pin flags, aluminium cups, course signage, hole-cutters, ‘Turf Doctor' (for repairing greens with new sod), long marking wands (spray guns), spray paints (red, yellow and white) and stimpmeters (for measuring greens speeds).

Spray marking paint
Long marking wand
Proportioner system
Measuring road runner
Soil core sampler
• Value Added Services

QGI also provides a number of value added services either in conjunction with its product sales or as a separate service:

  • Soil Testing – Determines the proper amount of fertilizer needs.
  • Disease Testing – Diagnoses which diseases are present and need control.
  • Water Testing – Determines the suitability of water for irrigation purposes.
  • Tissue Testing – Determines the amount of nutrient uptake of the plant.
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