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QGI has an official sub-licence from University of Georgia Research Foundation (UGRAF), USA to grow and distribute two patented turfgrass varieties, namely TifEagle and SeaIsle 2000, in Southeast Asia.

TifEagle is the third generation of bermudagrass and is specifically for golf course greens whereas SeaIsle 2000 is a seashore paspalum (Paspalum Vaginatum) variety that offers both a greens and ‘wall-to-wall’ (i.e. throughout the golf course) planting solution. Both varieties are patented by the Georgia Seed Development Commission and The University of Georgia in USA. Most significantly, they are certified by the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Programme (ITGAP), ensuring their genetic purity and guaranteeing premium quality and peace of mind to golf course owners.

QGI also grows and sells its own non-patented turfgrass variety, called QGI Seashore Paspalum, which has been developed for use in high-salinity soils and irrigation waters and gives a highly attractive appearance throughout the year, with a wide range of adaptation and ease of establishment in warm climates. It is a lush, aggressive, low-growing turfgrass whose leaf texture is similar to Tifway 419 hybrid bermudagrass and, with optimum management practices, becomes fine enough to be used even for putting surfaces.
SeaIsle 2000
QGI Seashore Paspalum
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