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• Turf grass
QGI Seashore Paspalum
An outstanding turfgrass for fairways and roughs

Now there is a fine-textured warm season turf variety for….

• High Salinity Soil
• High Salinity or Effluence / Recycled Irrigation Water
• Good Drought Tolerance
• Wide pH Range
• Greens, Fairways, Rough & Tee Mowing Heights
• Lower Fertility Requirements
• Reduced Need for Pesticides
• Lower Light Intensive Microsites
• True-To-Type and Vegetatively Propagated
• High-Gloss for Easy ‘Striping’ with Lightweight Mowers
• Rapid Grow-In and Recuperation from Traffic and Divots

QGI Seashore Paspalum (Paspalum Vaginatum) is a succulent, low growing warm-season turf type grass whose leaf texture is similar to Tifway 419 hybrid bermudagrass and, under optimum management practices, becomes fine enough to be used for putting surfaces.

Seashore Paspalum (Paspalum Vaginatum) is found in nature, growing in low-lying and poorly drained sites, especially near or in brackish-water lagoons. QGI Seashore Paspalum has been selected and developed for use in high-salinity soils and irrigation waters. This fine leaf selection has been successfully used on all turf areas of golf course in Florida, the Caribbean, China, Egypt, Hawaii, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and the U.A.E. QGI Seashore Paspalum gives a very attractive year—round appearance, with a wide range of adaptation and ease of establishment in warm weather climates.

QGI Seashore Paspalum is a very aggressive creeping type grass. The under side of the leaf is glossy, which enables the turf manager to create a ‘striped’ effect when moving fairways and athletic fields. After establishment, QGI Seashore Paspalum is best maintained at low fertility levels, while maintaining optimum growth rates and dark green color.

The most outstanding feature of QGI Seashore Paspalum is its exceptional salt tolerance. It will proliferate in soils irrigated with water higher than 2,500 ppm dissolve salts. It is considerably more salt tolerant than bermudagrasses and Zoysiagrass.

QGI Seashore Paspalum is a succulent grass, and is comparable to hybrid bermudagrasses in its tolerance to heavy traffic. However, it is capable of recovering very fast when traffic pressure is relative, due to its aggressive growth habit.

QGI Seashore Paspalum spreads quickly during establishment and forms a dense turf which will compete with the presence of weeds when properly maintained. Recent research has identified a group of pre-and-post-emergent selective herbicides which are suitable for use with Paspalum Vaginatum.

QGI Seashore Paspalum is susceptible to insects that feed on foliage of grasses. These insects are easily controlled by conventional methods.

QGI Seashore Paspalum grows well in a wide range of soil pH and texture. It performs best on a low level of applied Nitrogen, approximately 3 pounds N/100- square feet per year. Given a balanced N:P:K program according to soil tests, QGI Seashore Paspalum performs well in a fertility program of about 50 to 70 % of the amount required for Hybrid Bermudagrasses.

All P.vaginatum selections are sterile, and must be propagated by transferring stolons or sod. Under optimum conditions, QGI Seashore Paspalum will cover ground approximately 30 % faster than other generation.

Golf Courses that have selected QGI Seashore Paspalum as the preferred turfgrass for their tees, fairways and roughs include:

Black Mountain Golf Club, Thailand
Thai Country Club, Thailand
Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club, Malaysia
Royal Selangor Golf Club, Malaysia
Marina Bay Golf Club, Singapore

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