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• Soil Amendment
Through a partnership with Agronomic Systems Design Inc., USA, QGI manages the sales and distribution of a revolutionary porous ceramics material, called PermO2Pore, across Southeast Asia.

PermO2Pore is a Porous Ceramic Material made from a naturally occurring combination of Montmorillinite Clay and Amorphous Silica which is fired twice at computer-regulated high temperatures to produce a very stable, permanent and highly porous collection of Ceramic Granules which are screened to meet closely monitored Particle Size Specifications.
is a tool engineered specifically for use by the Professional Turfgrass Manager to manipulate and improve the physical characteristics of soils and sand-based root zones typically found in intensively maintained turfgrass habitats such as greens, tees, fairway capping and other high use areas of golf courses as well as other grassed sporting fields.

QGI also distributes Calrite Calcium in Thailand. Calrite contains the highest percentage of Calcium (38%) that is vital both to ensure strong cell wall structure and nitrogen metabolism in turfgrass and enhanced structure, with increased nutrient availability and microbial activity, in the soil.
Calrite calcium
Gypsum G
Calcitic Lime
PermO2 Pore
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