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Golf Course Construction -
Golf Course Construction -
Golf Course Construction -
QGI currently provides technical expertise to clients in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, enabling their vision to become a reality. Our comprehensive range of services includes:
          • Turn-key Construction 
          • Maintenance
          • Product Supply
          • Golf Club & Resort Management
          • Support services
Turn-key Construction
Our scope encompasses preliminary site visits; determining the financial and visual feasibility of the project; master planning; concept design for the course and housing area; and routing design.
Cut and fill work; lake excavation; main drain installation; irrigation design and installation; cart path routing and construction.

Shaping and Grassing Services
Rough and fine detailed shaping, by a US or local Shaper; grassing and grow-in; and basic turf maintenance training for your staff to ensure a seamless transition.

Management Services
Provision of a Golf Course Construction Manager with extensive golf course construction experience in Thailand and abroad to oversee and monitor the contractor.

Greens Renovation Services
Provision of the latest generation of turfgrasses, either for a turn-key renovation or supply per square metre.
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All of our maintenance projects are supervised by a Certified Golf Course Superintendent, widely acknowledged as the industry expert, who knows what it takes to protect your investment and to ensure improved operations that benefit both your golf course and your members. Maintenance services range from one-time evaluation to determine current conditions relative to international standards through to complete turn-key maintenance programs.

Consulting Services
On-site consulting on a scheduled frequency including recommendations and instructions required to establish programs that will deliver immediate improvements to course conditions.
Comprehensive on-site staff training programs for your Superintendent and foreman, on areas such as annual budget preparation; equipment use and maintenance; mowing theory and implementation; bunker maintenance; and fertilizer and chemical application, in order to accurately implement recommendations and instructions, and to improve efficiency of your current program.
Monthly evaluation report of course conditions with recommendations for the Project Owners' review and use.
Contract Maintenance
This arrangement allows you to place complete responsibility for the maintenance of your golf course in the hands of our highly qualified team. By offering a single contact point, communication is greatly
simplified, enabling you to focus on other areas of your business with complete confidence.
Tournament Preparation Program.
We have gained considerable experience in preparing golf courses to stage international tournaments. Our program are designed to deliver conditions that will showcase the host venue in the optimum light, and encompass staff training; budget projections; and daily consultation from one of our Superintendents in order to navigate obstacles that appear ad hoc.

Golf Course Evaluation
A highly detailed evaluation of the current course conditions (i.e. greens, tees, fairways, bunkers, roughs); human resources; maintenance programs; irrigation and drainage systems.

Superintendent Placement Services
We use our resources and experience to search for a foreign or local Superintendent who meets with your specific requirements and possesses considerable expertise. We are also able to offer interim Superintendent consulting whilst the search for a permanent candidate is carried out.

Support Services

QGI offers clients the following support services:
• Soil Testing
• Water Testing
• Disease Testing
• Tissue Testing

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Club & Resort Management
As part of our commitment to provide golf course Owners with a seamless service that fully protects their investment, we now offer in the area of Club & Resort Management, full operational and marketing services, or tailored consulting service.

By applying our philosophy, combining the knowledge and experience of the network of top industry professionals that we have established in all related disciplines, we are highly confident of our ability to:

• Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to accurately position the Club/Resort and reach the desired target market
• Train staff to deliver a consistent and exceptional standard of service that provides a truly memorable experience for distinguished members & guests
• Optimize revenue streams and gross operating profit margins

Our first management project is with Pattana Golf & Sports Resort on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard. Aside from 27 holes, the Resort also encompasses extensive accommodation through 222 rooms in a hotel, Mansion and private Villas and outstanding SPA facilities.

QGI is covering all aspects of a Golf Club/Resort Operations, Course Maintenance and Marketing & Public Relations services and activities.

We offer complete solutions on a management and/or consultancy basis for all of your golf and hospitality related projects.

QGI also offers the unique opportunity for the Owner of having a global Club/Resort Management and Golf Course Maintenance service package.

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Support Services
Following is a list of services that can be tailored to the specific needs of a project, at any given stage of development, or while under operations:

Investment, Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions
• Sourcing and selection of investment opportunities
• Valuation of assets
• Raising funds for the Club/Hotel Project
• Sourcing and selection of investment opportunities
• Negotiations: purchase, sale, and management sub-contracts
• Sourcing and short-listing of partner & sub-contractors company
• Owner's representation after completion

Asset management
• Systems audits
• Capital and operating budget reviews and variance analysis
• Administration of management sub-contracting terms and conditions

Studies, reviews, and research services
• Feasibility studies
• Salary review studies
• Tourism industry studies
• Operating and training manuals
• Solution-oriented operational reviews and turnaround reports
• Business plans
• Market research

• Concept development
• Feasibility studies
• Operating philosophy development
• Cost/financial projections

Design, Construction & Renovation Works:
• Design & Construction of Golf Course & overall Landscaping
• Consultancy of Golf /Resort Design and overall Project Management
• Development Planning

Pre-Opening Services:
• Pre-Opening Technical Services
• Pre-Opening & Management Consultancy
• Feasibility study, business plan & budgeting/forecasts
• Executive Committee team recruitment
• Personnel, manning Guides & Training

Management & Operations:
• Golf & Country Club operations management
• Hotel & Resort operation management

Marketing, Public Relations & Communication:
• Marketing & Sales consultancy
• Golf & Country Club membership sales

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