The resilient golf course construction and renovation industry is on the move here in Southeast Asia once more. With the golfing populations continuing to expand in neighbouring countries, strongly supported by massive tourism growth, golf courses are finding it necessary to upgrade and improve, and indeed to build new facilities, to keep up with the competition for revenues from tourists, memberships and leisure golfers.

From past experiences, both successes and failures, it would be most prudent for owners, membership committees and developers not to forget the basic ingredients necessary to bring a successful project to fruition. Firstly, the feasibility study, whether for a new project or renovation, which forms the foundation upon which one can operate from beginning to end. Once all aspects of the potential facility have been studied thoroughly by professionals, then only minor changes, which themselves do not incur major budget overruns, need be made to fine-tune the project.

The next stage is obviously the design process. The more experienced and qualified your architect is, the more you can depend on the “frame of reference” from which they draw. For example, someone who has designed twenty projects with varying conditions, can pull ideas and concepts from their memory and experience that you can use to help avoid costly mistakes. By contrast, a newcomer to the business will have a very steep learning curve and will depend on your money and resources to develop his experience.

The value of quality construction is what will determine the longevity and ultimate success of your project, as you only have one chance to build it right! Golf, being a relatively youthful industry here in Asia , has only a few dedicated, qualified and highly experienced golf course contractors, designers and superintendents. Choose yours based upon their work in the Region.

Of all the criteria that form the construction or renovation of a golf course, none is more important than the surface that the golfers will play on, namely the mature turfgrass. No matter how creative, imaginative or challenging the golf course's features might be, if it is not covered with a dense, beautiful and high quality turfgrass, it will not be appreciated by average golfers. Establishing and maturing a good stand of turfgrass is a prime responsibility of a golf course superintendent. This task is not a simple one and requires an understanding and working experience of the whole process of construction or renovation. It is vital that this professional be part of the process throughout.

In summary, to the untrained eye, golf course design, construction, renovation and maintenance may seem unstructured and easily be done by people who themselves play, or who are around, the game. In reality, however, it is a highly organized effort best left to professionals who will ensure the long term protection of your golf club, the investment of its owners and members, as you only have one chance to do it right!


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