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After your design is completed, whether by QGI or another design company, we have an experienced team ready to construct your project. With minimal disruption and maximum harmony, we will bring your design to life with a group of professionals that have worked for some of the greatest names in golf on some of the finest golf courses in the world.

The architect and the contractor should share the common goal of producing the finest work possible within the constraints of the operating budget. Our streamline system of communication and documentation ensures this becomes a reality for the golf course owner.

Our team includes some of the world's most skilled shapers and, whether on a turn-key or cost plus basis, we will deliver your project on time and within budget. The old maxim “You only have one chance to do it right" most definitely applies when it comes to moving large amounts of soil and / or rock. Each cubic meter has a cost attached to it. Therefore, if you want to avoid doubling or even tripling costs, it is imperative to retain the right construction team.

Golf course construction is unlike road building or building construction. To the inexperienced, it may appear that any company with large earth-moving equipment and a plentiful supply of labour can properly construct a golf course. However, the informed owner, using a contractor or a construction management team with a trained eye, will detect a carefully orchestrated and rigidly enforced sequence of operations that is never violated by experienced, professional golf course builders.
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