SeaIsle 2000, originally marketed for golf greens and tees in salt-challenged environments, has proved to be well-suited for fairways and roughs, allowing it to be used effectively as a “wall to wall” golf turf. Sahara Golf Club in Kuwait and Nanea Golf Club in Hawaii both have 18-hole facilities planted totally in SeaIsle2000. Many high-end international and domestic courses have SeaIsle 2000 on greens and tees.

Golf course architects, superintendents and owners are now beginning to look at SeaIsle 2000 as a cost-effective alternative to some of the other paspalums on the market today. At a mowing height of 1/8-inch and with regular verticutting, light topdressing and periodic rolling, SeaIsle 2000 will deliver Stimpmeter readings of 10 feet or more. Mow it at 1/2” to 3/4” and it becomes a lush fairway. Roughs may be maintained at 1 to 2 inches, and penalty roughs at well over 2 inches.

As drinking water becomes scarcer, ocean water blends and recycled or effluent sources are becoming the only option for many golf courses. SeaIsle 2000 is a natural for such areas because of its high salt tolerance. While it requires superintendents to modify some of their management practices, SeaIsle 2000 pays dividends in reduced fertilizer, herbicide and water costs. It has gotten high marks in research trials for disease resistance as well as for the density and strength of its turf and its rapid recovery from normal wear and ball mark injuries.
Quality Golf is a licenced distributor for SeaIsle 2000 in Southeast Asia. If you are planning to build a new golf course or undertake a greens renovation in a coastal location or where soils and water have a high saline content, you should seriously consider selecting SeaIsle 2000. For more information and a highly competitive quote, please contact Phrnop Sarleepimon (668) 191-93411 or . , You can also visit

Photo: The Sahara Golf Club in Kuwait City shows off wall-to-wall SeaIsle 2000.

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