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• Management statement
During the past decade of operation, QGI has remained at the forefront of the industry by consistently maintaining the highest international standards of service. Consequently, we have been able to forge strong partnerships with some of the most prestigious golf courses in the Asian Region, delivering them tangible results based upon sound, workable and proven principles.

Our achievements are the direct result of the outstanding loyalty and commitment shown by our employees, most of whom have been with the company since the outset. By providing them with on-going training, our goal has always been to ensure their own career development.

Looking to the future, as Owners and Investors increasingly realize the potential of professionally maintained and managed golf courses to generate considerable revenues and profits, I am confident that our company is well positioned to prosper.

Asia is on the move again with golf course renovations, construction and world class tournaments in nearly every country in the region. However, there still remains a void in fully carrying out the work in all these areas, namely a knowledge base and the training of the local populations to properly care for the large investments being ear-marked for the golf course industry.

The most advanced technologies, research and funding for local research, is still thousands of miles away! The cooperation needed between the industry leaders in this region is now more vital than ever. It starts with golf course owners, architects, land planners, construction managers, superintendents and general managers, who are entrusted to design, build and maintain these long-term valuable assets. We must not compromise our integrity by giving into the “status quo “ that sometimes seems the easiest option to take, as this route leads to mediocrity and failed, or surely less than successful, projects. Each of us in our respective fields should strive to educate owners and their representatives on what it really takes to create a long term, viable golf course development. In doing so, we will all benefit as we are part of creating a new industry in this region. Communication and cooperation is the key to success for us all.

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